Professional Dental School Personal Statement Examples

Why Can Dental School Personal Statement Examples Help You?

Your personal statement for dental school is often going to be the deciding factor in whether you get accepted. The reason is that with many of the other applicants having very similar grades the personal statement is often the only method of telling you apart. So it is very important that you put in the work to ensure that your personal statement is crafted in a way that is going to get you noticed.

Getting noticed for the right reasons with your writing however is tough and many applicants fail to impress with their admission documents. One way to improve your writing however is by looking at how others have approached their writing. Dentistry personal statement examples are a great way to understand just what you need to do for your university application.

How to Use a Dental School Personal Statement Sample

dental school personal statement examplesThe admission committee will be looking for something very special from your personal statement and a sample is a great way for you to understand what. By looking at example personal statements you can see exactly how your own needs to be structured and written. Samples let you understand the format that you need to use and also what should be covered.

However, a sample should never be simply copied no matter how good it may be. This is plagiarism and will guarantee that you will not be accepted. Even if it were not noticed by the committee you can be sure that it would still be ineffective as no sample is going to be about you nor is it going to be targeted to the application that you are making. Examples of personal statements are only good for guidance and ideas when writing your own dentistry application.

Evaluate Any Dentistry Personal Statement Examples

There are many dental personal statement examples out there online and not every one that you find will be of the quality that the committee will be expecting. So you should always look at them critically and think about the following which are simple guides for how any personal statement should be written:

  • Does the opening line get your interest right from the start? A boring and unimpressive opening will lose the reader right from the start.
  • Does the statement read like a story and drag the reader along or is it a list of unrelated facts more like your resume? You want to keep the reader on the page from start to finish.
  • Have you used any clichés? “I have always wanted to be a dentist since I was 6 years old”, “Do dentists always look down in the mouth?”
  • Have you approached the writing from a positive angle? Don’t write about what you don’t want to do; “I always wanted to be a brain surgeon but I could not stand the sight of blood so I thought I would try dentistry instead”.
  • Have you used slang, acronyms and overly complicated words that may confuse the reader?
  • Is everything that you have written totally relevant to your application?
  • Is your writing concise? Don’t waste your word count on filler; “After many days of soul searching and pondering about the route to take..” could be “I decided to..”
  • Are there any writing errors within the text; has it been effectively proofread?

We Could Write Your Personal Statement for Dentistry

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