How to Avoid a Disaster with Your Dental Education?

Before you become a dentist, you need to take a dental education first. Have you already think about dental school personal statement? Dental education will certainly open new doors for you like professional opportunities. It is also a good choice when you choose this area because it is a growing field, everyone needs dental work. There will also be many career options in dentistry but first, you might want to choose a dental school and pass all the dental school admission requirements.

At some point you might ask yourself, is it hard to become a dentist? It is like any other job, you do not get it overnight and for sure it requires hard work because it will take you eight years to finish it. It will be a long road but it will surely be rewarding.

dental education

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Best Dental Schools Admission Statistics You Should Know

  • The University of California at Los Angeles School of Dentistry only has a 4.9% acceptance rate
  • University of Michigan School of Dentistry has a 5.3% acceptance rate
  • New York University College of Dentistry has a 7.2% acceptance rate
  • University of Minnesota School of Dentistry has the highest acceptance rate; 8.4%

Interesting Dental Facts That Will Surely Make You Want to Be a Dentist

Before taking dental education, you should know first some interesting dental facts for you to get started. These will be just a few and there are dental facts infographics if you want to know more.

  • “Tooth worms” were the ones to blame for tooth decay before
  • The earliest known dentist who lived 5,000 years ago in Egypt is named Hesi-Re
  • Back in the middle ages, barbers were the ones to pull teeth
  • Power drills back then were powered by the use of feet
  • Commercial Floss was manufactured in 1882
  • Tree twigs were the toothbrushes before

The dental school admission requirements, the dental school’s admission statistics, and the question ‘is it hard to become a dentist” did not stop people from becoming dentists because there are still 146,800 dentists in the United States and the largest specialty is an orthodontist.

Some Helpful Tips for Your Dentistry Admission

  • Always manage your time
  • Study right away
  • Try taking a practice test first
  • You can also take a Kaplan review course
  • Purchase DAT review books
  • Focus on the perceptional ability test

Before even getting into a dental school that you need to have a completion of science prerequisites, have a high DAT score and you need to prepare an effective overall application. Dentistry may be hard but if you got what it takes to be a dentist, then it will be for you and you will surely get through it. Believe in yourself, take that dental education and be a successful dentist.

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